Re: Which GTOCP* connection do you use?

Dale Ghent

GTOCP3 here, so USB direct from my NUC-like miniPC to a 14 year old Prolific-based USB to serial adaptor that plugs into the CP3. Somehow, this old adaptor has managed to survive winters and summers outdoors under nothing more than a Telegizmos 365 cover and it still manages to do its job just fine. The only thing I've have do to in terms of maintenance is to take some pliers and pinch in the D-sub housing a bit so that it maintains a good grip on the CP3's female DB9 port.

When the 1100GTO that is on order arrives, I'll likely do direct USB. Same if I decide to upgrade the CP3 on my Mach1 to a CP4, but that's unlikely at this point in light of the pending arrival of the 1100. Ethernet's cool and all, but it's not needed for range (it's 1 wire-meter max. between miniPC and the CP's location) and USB will probably do just fine given my insistence on using non-trash cables and securing them such that the connectors never take any mechanical strain.

As for Wifi, there's more room for failure and there are a few special considerations, at least in my case. My miniPC's wifi is already on my home wifi network, so the CP's wifi radio would need also need be on the same SSID, thus putting all communication between my miniPC and the CP through one of my 2 meshed access points back inside the house. Additionally, the CP would be mounted on the south side of my pier and its transmission and reception would be blocked by the pier and mount as my house and the access points are to the north of my pier. ATS piers excel at many aspects of doing the job of a telescope pier, and I'm sure attenuating 2.4/5GHz wifi is also something that it's adept at doing. So I'm not going to go there. It just doesn't offer me any advantages over a ~1m direct USB connection.

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I am toying with connecting via ethernet to save a USB space on my control computer. I have also ordered an FTDI serial adapter to try that out. Therefore I should only need 1 USB cable to my entire imaging rig. What are your connections and why?

1. USB
2. Ethernet
3. WiFi
4. RS-232

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