Re: Meridian Limits in APCC #APCC

Ray Gralak

Hi David,


Please make sure you have installed the latest drivers for the MGBoxV2 and that the Device DataSource is set to ASCOM as in this screenshot:





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> I set up the meridian limits using APCC last night, and I have to say that it’s a very useful and easy-to-do process.  It’s

> one of those things that you can read about, but you really need to do it to completely understand it.  One interesting

> thing I need to keep in mind is, even with the same equipment, the meridian limits can be different.  For example, how

> my filter wheel is rotated has an effect on the pier clearance, so I’m trying to be reasonably conservative about placing

> the limits.  Same with how my focuser is rotated, since the controls do stick out from the line of the scope.  Anyway, it

> is a nice “cloudy nights” activity.

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