Re: How to Re-grease a Mach1 with Auto-Adjust Motor Boxes?

Roland Christen

one lithium (yellow) and one synthetic (green with MoS2).
MoS2 is very bad for brass or bronze worm gears. The S2 (sulfur) corrodes these metals. Lithium is usually too thin. Try a super lube type grease without sulfur.


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With my Mach2 in my observatory and travel restrictions, my 2011 Mach1 has been sleep for a few months, so, reading your discussions, it made me want and courage to revisit it. I already had a little control on the lubrication side 4 or 5 years ago but not completely and I believe only on the RA axis. I carefully watched the linked videos / photos to check the cleaning and regreasing phases to be done ... and I attacked the disassembly, separation of the 2 axes and treatment of the RA axis to begin with. I am not in the "extreme cold" zone and I have 2 types of grease at my disposal, one lithium (yellow) and one synthetic (green with MoS2). This evening I cleaned and I let the night pass before doing the lubrication, it remains to know which of the 2 greases it is better to use. On the brake part of the RA axis, which was a bit hard and which I have already cleaned and reassembled, I put a little synthetic grease and that seems to have improved things. So I will see tomorrow morning and based on your advice if necessary. As I had opened and / or dismantled the engine blocks several times, it didn't seem complicated to me ... you have to be careful with the cables.
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