Re: Slide Rules and Slipsticks - in the 1960's B.C. - i.e. (Before Computers)

Jeffrey Wolff

We used a Control Data Corp. CDC-6500 with two core processors with 256K of ferrite core memory. The core processors used 60 bit floating point which was pretty good for the 70s. There were 18 peripheral processors that ran the operation system and all the IO. I programmed the OS in Compass which was the assembly language at the time. The peripheral processors used 18 bit words vs 60 bit for the core.

The first couple of years of programming I had batch priority for my programs. It took about 24 hours after reading the punch cards into the queue before we could put up the output jobs printout. Eventually I had interactive access using TTYs or typewriter type terminals with built in printers.

When I went back for my masters almost all my work was down on UNIX systems.

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