Re: Slide Rules and Slipsticks - in the 1960's B.C. - i.e. (Before Computers)

Don Anderson

In hind sight, I found the girls turned and went the other way when we came down the hall. I wonder whyEmoji

Don Anderson

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So I am months away from getting my AP mount and thought I would have nothing to contribute to this forum until today.  But here it is.


And unlike others, you can see the scars from use on my case.  The HP35 did not come into availability until something like my 3rd year.


I will say, however, that I did not find it exactly a chick magnet.  I went to UVa, and it was the very early days of women in the undergraduate program, so they were few enough, but even fewer in the Engineering school.  Even so, I saw no indication the slide rule had any attractive force.

Maybe it was the yellow color.  Did the white work better?


Of course, being in the Engineer school the women there had slide rules as well, so that may have affected any behavioral observations.




PS. Isn’t it odd that we all probably had a dozen or more calculators in the interim and I suspect rarely saved them when replaced, but many of us saved the slide rule.  I wonder if my son would even know what it was if he saw it.



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