Re: Slide Rules and Slipsticks - in the 1960's B.C. - i.e. (Before Computers)

Jeffrey Wolff

I had to use a slide rule in high school. I remember my Dad buying a basic four function calculator when I was finishing high school. 

I learned about HP calculator's in college and bought 3 different programmable calculators by the time I graduated. My first drafting class was using paper, pencils and a bunch of tools to make lines and circles. Eventually did AutoCAD and digital circuit design.

Started programming computers using punch cards. Eventually got my masters in Computer Science and spent my working life running networks, switches, routers, firewalls, wireless, fiber optics and other stuff to bring the Internet to everybody at the university. Been working at my employer since 1989. We went from 1.5 megabits/second for the whole state higher education network to a pair of 100 gigabit/second Internet2 circuits now.

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