Re: Slide Rules and Slipsticks - in the 1960's B.C. - i.e. (Before Computers)

Don Anderson

Yes Joe
anyone under 50 (probably 60) has no idea what were talking about. Think about the things that were built ie Hoover Dam Titanic etc that were all designed using hand calculations and slide rules. What most people don't realize about slide rules was one had to have a good idea what the final answer was while doing the calcs in order to carry the decimal point through the calculation process.

Don Anderson

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    Love it – dem’ was the days of real computing, unlimited memory, and engineering hard drive.
Yours looks like the famous, highly desired ...  K & E Log-Log-DeciTrig-Duplex  “slip-stick”. Engineers weren’t really entitled to own one of those, unless they could say that quickly,  with a drink in their hand.
    Way cool Pickett man myself – its case,  almost like having it slip into  “Corinthian leather”, but probably just cowhide :-)
    K&E rare Bamboo style was fine ... but Pickett’s unique engineering design with its specially chosen Green spectral colour, for easy visibility with bleary eyes when cramming  in the middle of the night, Magnesium alloy with tiny ball bearings at the slide’s ends for high speed computing – engineering heaven. Works on both east and west side of its cursor,  easily finds home position on reboot, even works inverted for the log-log and exponential functions ... and BEST of all ...  never needs  AeroShell-33 relubrication :-)
    However, my Radio Astronomy engineering prof, used his Abacus, to prove I didn’t need to always run his 3C-273 strip chart data through the PDP-11. I think his was an 8-Bead, (later called a Byte),  “flip-stick” calculator.
Joe Z.

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You mean like this?
Don Anderson
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 They were only cool if they were full.   <G>    …but real cool was the slide rule slung from your belt in its case!    Talk about a chick magnet…ah, the old days!



 George Whitney

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