Re: Quick Release Gearbox Modification for Older AP1600

Woody Schlom



Yes on the Nylon-tipped clutch bolts, but that’s not I greased.  At least on my Mach1, I believe there’s a sleeve bearing involved and a big flat greased surface between the two parts – not the edges where the clutch bolts contact.  But our mounts are very different I’m sure.  Opposed to Takahashi or Losmandy mounts, on my Mach1, the clutch system doesn’t ride on ball or roller bearings – just greased surfaces. 


Don’t know why the PowerWerks meter didn’t show you current (amp) differences.  I know you’ve got a monster of a huge and powerful mount, but it should still show a current load difference for an out-of-balance mount.  Perhaps slew at a faster speed?  And instead of starting with the CW shaft level, start below level so there’s more room for it to move at a faster slew rate?


And do make sure you’re looking at amps and not volts.  Volts “should” stay the same.  It’s the current or amps value that should change with how hard the motor is working.


If your mount is anything like mine, the grease thickness in the clutch system thins over time – so friction increases over the years.  I know that when I took mine apart, there was little grease left in the clutch system and after applying new grease to the friction surfaces (not where those spring-loaded bolts press), it was a lot easier to balance.


I’m surprised Roland or somebody from AP hasn’t suggested something.




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As far as re-greasing the clutches, I do not see a way to do that.  I removed the clutch bolts before and, if memory serves me, they had nylon tips that pressed against the internal metal disc.  

Regarding the PowerWerx in-line meter, I had purchased one years ago to do exactly what you suggested.  I placed the counterweight bar parallel to the ground on the east side of the mount, slowly slewed the weights up and down and did not see a change in current.  I then moved the mount to place the counterweights on the west side of the mount - ditto.  Maybe at that time the mount was better balanced.  I will pull out the meter and rerun the current test.

Thanks for reminding me about using the meter.


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