Re: How to Re-grease a Mach1 with Auto-Adjust Motor Boxes?

M Hambrick

Hi Bryan. Here are the instructions:

I would like to offer one word of caution based on my former experience as an auto mechanic: The instructions mention using mineral spirits to clean off the old grease. I would recommend doing this only as a last resort because even a tiny amount of residual solvent will significantly reduce the viscosity of the grease and reduce its effectiveness. I recommend wiping off as much of the old grease as you can with a clean cloth and don't worry about the rest. You should not see any metal flakes in the old grease. If you do, you should contact Astro-Physics. 

I have never regreased my 1100 mount (purchased in 2017), but I am planning to upgrade it with absolute encoders as soon as they have any available, and I will regrease it when I install the encoders.


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