Re: How much dew is too much?

Dale Ghent

Heavy dew for one person is light dew for another, so some context of what that means might help. Have you ran into this problem or are wondering just in case?

I’ve never worried about my CP3. The heat it gives off seems to be enough to ward off the typical mid-Atlantic US, near-sea level temperate suburban climate types of dew that I experience. If I were worried about it, the only drastic measure I think I would take would be to wrap an old t-shirt or other cloth around it to help retain some heat and soak up any drips, and then be on my way. 

I imagine that the amount of heat that the CP4/5 puts off isn’t terribly different and perhaps might even be a little more than the CP3 owing to its embedded system. If you’re worried, use the power covers like Bill said. You can also get small RJ11/12-sized rubber inserts for the ST4 guide port if you aren’t using that. 

On Mar 9, 2021, at 03:46, Bob <astro@...> wrote:

This question is only in reference to the GTO mount, not the ota. So is it only the control box that should be protected against a heavy dew? Aside from the socket covers, does anyone use anything like a dew shield for the control box? Or is it not necessary?


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