Re: C14 and AP160 side by side?


I have a C14 with carbon fiber tube and dew shield side by side with an AP 6”f9 on my 900. It’s fine for visual, but would be pushing it for photography. I have the slewing rate set at 600 and it doesn’t strain at all, with careful balance. But it does take a couple of seconds to damp. At one point I had them in some kind of symmetrical geometry so vibrations would pass back and forth between the tubes for more than ten seconds, with a long period beat frequency. But a weight on the tail of the refractor, and shifting it forward fixed that. The 900 is close enough to being usable for photos that I expect an 1100 would manage with some care in setting up. Of course, a 1600 would probably not be at all challenged by this load. 


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