Re: How to Re-grease a Mach1 with Auto-Adjust Motor Boxes?

John A. Sillasen

I must admit that I agree with having at least current and near current (Mach 1 and Later) version specific instructions + a video..
Boy do I know how time consuming doing  manual is too. Past work life aside, I did not instruction manual with pictures for every step on how to install a Starlight Instruments two speed micro focuser on a Skywatcher 180 Maksutov Cassegrain. The default single speed was actually all metal with no plastic parts but for a high magnification scope,  it has to be a dual speed.

Its a lot of work. The manual is online now,  Wayne has posted it at Starlight Instruments.

That aside, aside. See what I did there?

I cannot even find the generic instructions on the Astro-Physics Support Site. Not under current or legacy do I find a regrease set of instructions.

Good job for a part timer to do or perhaps someone at home that the company trusts to do.  Its necessary because otherwise I'm sending my mounts back to be re-greased. I will not be doing it by myself now.

John A. Sillasen

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