Re: Quick Release Gearbox Modification for Older AP1600

thefamily90 Phillips

My AP mounts do tend to offer some resistance when balancing but after about 30 years using AP mounts I have gotten used to it.


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Subject: [ap-gto] Quick Release Gearbox Modification for Older AP1600
I have an older AP1600 mount that does not have the quick release option for the RA and Dec gears.  Is Astro-Physics going to release an upgrade kit for older mounts to allow for quick un-meshing of the gears?  I have a friend who has the new version of the mount, and he can easily un-mesh the gears and precisely balance the mount.  In my case, even with the clutches fully loosened, there remains so much resistance to movement, that achieving a precise balance is impossible.  I use an electronic fish scale to try to achieve balance, but it takes over 10# of force to get the mount to move in either direction with the clutch screws loosened.  Is this normal?

Jack Huerkamp

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