Mistake on a previous post

Roland Christen

In a previous post discussing encoders for our various mounts I posted this:

"The main difference is that the ring diameter of the 1100/1600 mounts is 100mm, the Mach2 uses a 75mm ring."

It should read the Mach2 uses 57mm not 75mm rings. (5 and 7 were swapped - dyslectic or ?) Sorry for the confusion.

In the Mach2 the special ring carriers were machined into the housing, and the wiring is simpler and does not require the extra crossover boxes that the 1100 mount needs to adapt the encoder rings. Making the Mach2 mount encoder-only allowed significant savings. It eliminated the expensive DC servo motor-encoder that is required on our Mach1 and 1100/1600 mounts.


Roland Christen

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