Re: Problem with first startup of Mach2 -- obstruction / grinding sound

Osama Dessouky

I have just joined this group, as I am researching buying my first PREMIUM mount.

Considering it will be a big expenditure for me, I wanted to make a good and informed decision.

Seeing Roland's response here on this thread, and his engagement with his customers who have already parted with their hard earned money is very inspiring and commands respect. I am pleasantly surprised at te level of engagement and support!


I have been researching buying either an AP vs another premium European brand mount.

I had requested to join the European brand's forums to see user's and owner's experiences in the field, and the level of support they are receiving. I have not been impressed.

Just reading through this thread has completely sold me on AP. I'm glad I followed the advice on Cloudy Nights to join this group!

Too bad that I live in the UK! 

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