Re: AP1100 Notification Suggestions

Mark Lamb

What I am referring to areĀ design differences. With the Mach2 dependent on AE, it allows A-P to relax other engineering/design parameters and lower costs. This is not meant to denigrate the Mach2, it was designed that way as a COMPLETE SYSTEM and properly engineered as such. Spitballing: I guess if the Mach2 was designed like the AP1100, to have the option to be either with or without AE, its price w/ AE would be ~$13K not $9K, as it would require more expensive parts (servo motors) and other more expensive design features.

The AP1100 was designed to work well without AE, but allow for the addition of AE. This would be a much higher cost design, as it has to be able to accomplish 2 objectives instead of 1. This would make the AP1100 more expensive than it would have been if A-P had not allowed for the addition of AE, but I expect the AP1100 w/ AE is much more expensive than if it would have been designed to be dependent on AE.

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