1100 Mount Upgrade to Absolute Encoders

M Hambrick

My chief financial officer (a.k.a. wife) has given me tentative approval to purchase a set of absolute encoders for my 1100 GTO mount, and I have added my name to the notification list when a set becomes available. In the meantime I have a few questions about this upgrade:

  1. Has anyone done a similar upgrade and installed the encoders themselves ? I read the installation instructions a while back, and they seem to be pretty straightforward, but I would appreciate hearing comments from someone who has actually done this themselves.
  2. I set up and take down my mount every time. How will doing this affect the guiding performance of the encoders ? I am do almost exclusively imaging, and typically use only the RAPAS to do my polar alignment.
  3. I currently control my mount using only the keypad controller. Can I get the maximum benefit out of the encoders with just the keypad, or do I need to use APCC ?
  4. Any other input or comments will be appreciated.

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