Re: AP1100 Notification Suggestions


Mark - I use the AP1100 on a losmandy tripod … not the folding one but the one with fixed adjustable height legs.

When I did this back in 2014 there was two adapters - the one that goes into the tripod makes a flat surface and then the (iirc) FSA which attaches to the 1100.

I leave the losmandy / AP adapters permanently attached to the 1100 and pick the whole 40lb-ish 1100 mount up (w/o dec/saddle plate) and plop it in the tripod… just like the G11.

Then there’s just three screws to attach (plus the control panel).


On Mar 5, 2021, at 11:45 AM, Mark Lamb <> wrote:

put the AP1100 on my FHD tripod beast. I need George to explain whether I need attach the AP1100 to my FHD; do I need both the 119FSA and 119FP? Does the combo 119FSA-FP work for the FHD and does it drop into the FHD's normal MA collar?

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