Re: AP1100 Notification Suggestions

Dale Ghent

On Mar 4, 2021, at 23:22, Mark Lamb <lamb_mark@...> wrote:

Part of me wants to bite the bullet, and go whole hog for the AP1100 w/ encoders, assuming I would eventually want encoders, as AP would install them, make sure everything is adjusted properly, and save $1000 vs. adding on down the road. Only if the encoders actually provide meaningful performance advantage for AP.
I just went full hog on the 1100 with the AEL variant.

Here's one thing that Paige explained to me. You can reserve an AE or AEL model now and, if you need to, downgrade the order to a regular version later, I guess as long as it's a reasonable time prior to shipment. A-P just needs to know /now/ if you want encoders now so that they can properly arrange their orders with Renishaw which have lead times of their own.

As for Mach2 vs. 1100, I also struggled with this decision, and even passed up a Mach2 when my name came up on the list. Even though I image with a 130GTX now, I decided to go with the 1100 after reasoning that I plan to also image with a reflector of some sort (RC or *DK type) in the future, and the moment-arm of such an OTA+accessories would need to be manageable by the mount. This mount will eventually live under a dome somewhere, and encoders are a serious quality of life improvement bordering on requirement in such a setting.


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