AP1100 Notification Suggestions

Mark Lamb

Tonight, I just got the notification on the availability of a new AP1100.  What should I do?


Prior to the $1700 price increase, I was thinking I would get the 1st available Mach2 or AP1100, but the big price increase gave me indigestion.  So I flirted with the idea of a MyT, but its issues (crosstalk, only USB2 through mount, and poorly engineered computer board) made think that it may be frustrating to get to work properly.


If I could get the Mach2 within a few months at $9K, I would prefer it to the AP1100 at $9.7K or $15.3K w/ encoders.  But who knows when I will get notified on the Mach2 (got on list at the end of Nov2020).  What is the wait expectation for Nov2020 entrants?


Then I look at the massive financial mismanagement at the federal govt level (money for nothing, endless bailouts), and the powers to be are dead set on trashing the currency and letting the nasty inflation genie out of the bottle.  This is already showing up in massive increases in commodity prices and people spending their free dollars are driving prices on products up and availability down.  With this, I fear that this price increase is just the first of many to come in the next few years.


Part of me wants to bite the bullet, and go whole hog for the AP1100 w/ encoders, assuming I would eventually want encoders, as AP would install them, make sure everything is adjusted properly, and save $1000 vs. adding on down the road.  Only if the encoders actually provide meaningful performance advantage for AP.




What is the expected life span and reliability of the Renishaw readers?  (Hate to have $4-5K parts that only last for a few years on a 20 year mount.  This could drastically change the value proposition.)


If I keep my load to no more than 50#, in an environment that has good seeing (1.5" typ) and low wind, is there much to be gained by adding encoders to the AP1100?


With 50# load (or below) what are the expected performance differences between a Mach2 and AP1100 (w/o encoders)?




I am 99% Photography only, and my current scopes are Esprit 100 and EdgeHD925, with intention of getting a 120-150mm APO, and my cameras are ASI183mm-Pro and QHY268M (coming).  My current and only mount is a G11.




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