Re: How to Re-grease a Mach1 with Auto-Adjust Motor Boxes?

Bill Long

The experience of re-greasing the mounts is fine. AP documentation is good. It even tells people (like me) to not let the cover dangle and rip wires out. I did not see that part and had the negative lead get ripped out. 

I sent the motor back to AP to get fixed. They fixed my problem and put fresh bearings in the lever for the motor box at no cost to me. On the invoice, literally says "Was crunchy, replaced bearings for customer (free)" 

So yeah, if I can do it -- you can. Just look out for wires. 🙂 

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Have had my Mach1 for more years than I remember. It is operating fine just as it is so I’ll leave it alone. But, I do see how regreasing can be a good thing if needed.


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I just finished re-greasing my Mach1 and regrettably my experience wasn't as positive. I ended up damaging one of the brass axle shoulder bolts in the motor box, and now my mount is out of commission until I get a replacement. I don't blame A-P for my klutziness, but I have to agree that the instruction sheet is difficult to follow since it tries to be one document for all mounts. Unless you have one of the mounts for which there are pictures, you have to try to map out what is the analogous part of your mount that matches one of the mounts pictured. I agree with everything that Andrew said about the instructions being difficult to follow.

Where there is potential for damage to a very expensive piece of equipment, detailed directions for your specific mount model would be invaluable. This isn't optional maintenance. On the plus side before the mishap with the shoulder bolt, my Mach1 was buttery smooth and all of the stickiness in the axes was gone. Clearly re-greasing is essential maintenance and detailed instructions that might better prevent damaging the mount would be welcome. So +1 for better documentation.

Hopefully shipping of the damaged part is fast - I'm looking forward to getting my rejuvenated, butter-smooth Mach1 back under the stars.

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