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Roland Christen

APCC is configured such that if it loses contact with the mount, the mount will automatically stop and park in place. That way if for any reason your computer goes down, the mount won't continue to track and possibly crash. You can also set limits in the mount that will stop it at some point past the meridian. There is a help file in the program itself where you can search these questions.


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Subject: [ap-gto] Setting safety past meridian flip #Mach2GTO

Normally, I have SGPro do the meridian flip, but I’d like to set my Mach2 up to stop at some time past the meridian as a safety, in case my computer dies.  I realize I could edit the meridian limits, but that seems overly complicated for what I’d like to do.  Just to be clear, for any declination, I’d like the mount to stop tracking if it reaches, say, 10 minutes past the meridian.  Is there an easy way to do this?  Thanks.

Roland Christen

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