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John Gleason

This is a great recommendation Stew. I often have difficulity in the dark
getting the threads of the cw shaft to engage in the dec housing. I would
recommend at the least a short unthreaded section to act as a leader into
the dec housing.

John Gleason,

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Since I use a mount in the field, I take them down and put them up.
I get a lot of wear and tear at the counterweight shaft threads and
at the mount shaft threads. In my business we could never have
twenty straight threads on the end of a piece of drill pipe or making
connections would take forever. The oil industry uses a tapered
thread that allows the male part to be placed mostly in the female
part before the threads engage. Then it's about three turns to fully
engage ALL the threads. So you wind up with the holding power of 20
threads, but only three turns or so to get the darn thing in place
and tightened down. With today's moden CNC stuff this can't be any
more difficult than straight threads to do. To see what the male end
of this looks like see:

for some examples. The female end would be similar.

Just a thought.


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