How to Re-grease a Mach1 with Auto-Adjust Motor Boxes?

Andrew J

Hi All. 

I received the Re-grease Kit for my GTO Mach1 today. I read through the instructions twice, but the steps are still not clear. The document jumps around quite a bit and covers so many different mounts I found it difficult to follow. It talks about Cleaning and Re-greasing the Spur Gears, then the Worm and Worm Wheel and then the Worm Screw Gear... I am not even sure what all these components are as I have never opened up a mount before. I am a little nervous starting this job without understanding exactly what needs to be done, for the same reason I don't take my watch apart. I am afraid I might not be able to put it back together again or miss some critical step in the process.

Is there any additional materials that walks through this process step-by-step, start to finish? Ideally with lots of pictures and a possibly even a schematic that shows what each part is and how they all fit together. There are a few pictures in the document I received, but as I said it covers so many different mounts it is hard to follow. I work on a computer for a living. My mechanical skills are adequate, but I need to clearly understand what I am getting into before I start a project. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to rely on YouTube to figure out how to take something apart, and more important how to put it back together again. Speaking of YouTube, it would be awesome if there was a video that walked through this re-greasing process. I did find this one video on YouTube, but it is for a 1200GTO mount from 2015 and it does not have the Auto-Adjusting gear boxes. Not sure how relevant it would be for a 2016 Mach1 GTO.

Anyway, I just thought I would ask if there are any additional materials or a step-by-step guide on how to complete this job. Any addition guidance for the mechanically limited would be appreciated. 


Thanks in advance for the assistance.


Andrew J

Edit: Updated to correct typos...

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