Re: AP portable pier for 1100GTO

Don Anderson

Hello Patrick
I bought an AP portable pier when I got my AP900GOTO back in 2008 It is currently carrying a TV NP127is plus camera gear and guide scope. I have found it rock solid stable, easy to set up and has a reasonable range of adjustment for leveling on non level ground. If I end up on a larger slope, I simply put a block of wood or a brick under the low leg. I bought the 36" high version since I was not planning on doing much visual with it. I did get the precision rotating pier adapter(no longer available)with it so polar alignment would be easier. I currently use it in my back yard but have used it for travel. If I was travelling extensively I would consider an ATS or Losmandy giant tripod. If as you said were only travelling a limited number of times, you can't go wrong with the AP portable pier. It is very well designed and built and is great value for the money. Below is a link to a picture of my setup. After 12 years of use the AP portable pier and mount still look like new!
Hope this helps

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