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Harley Davidson

I agree with David. I have a 12" ATS and it is rock solid and HEAVY. Used it as one option for my 1100 before I sold it. Now I use it for my 1600 & Mach2 mounts. As to leveling I find using aluminum plates of various thicknesses works best under the feet and I don't fool with the turnbuckles. Can't speak to the AP portable pier as I never had one. The less parts you fool with the better especially in the dark.

ALSO, the 6" Eagle from AP worked very well too I have two of them and wish they made a larger version.


On 2/28/2021 11:31 AM, Frost David wrote:
I’ve had both.  Both are very stable. Get the ATS.  The AP portable pier works well, but needs fairly level ground to start with and does not have much adjustability. The turnbuckle system isn’t really for adjusting level, it’s to tighten down the legs and snug everything up.  You can adjust a couple degrees maybe by doing that but beyond that you start cranking on the pier tube where it connects to the base and it won’t be sitting level with the base piece that connects the legs.

I had one for about a year for my Mach1 and then sold it.  Later sold the Mach1 and got an 1100.  On occasion you can find deals on the ATS ones used.  I did on a 10” one which is probably overkill, but it was too good to pass up.

The ATS is one piece, not 8 like the AP.  And the ATS has a fair amount of adjustability for leveling.  For a portable pier you can’t beat it, but it is costly and also heavier.  That’s the difference. Cheaper and not very adjustable, or expensive and very adjustable...and super solid.  If only AP made an Eagle type pier for the 1100..., but it’s probably not worth their time and money with ATS out there.


On Feb 28, 2021, at 10:02 AM, Patrick Spencer <patrick.spencer2@...> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I have an 1100GTO on order, so I'm trying to decide what to do about a portable pier. I am wondering if anyone can share experiences and/or insight regarding the AP Portable Pier. My main questions relate to ease of leveling and stability. My primary setup location is a slightly out-of-level concrete patio in my backyard (sloped for drainage), but I will also use it a handful of times per year at my favorite dark locations in the Colorado mountains and SE Utah desert.

I'm trying to wrap my head around the turnbuckle-based leveling system of the portable pier. Is it relatively easy to get level?

I'm also considering an ATS portable pier, but obviously that's quite a bit more expense. My wife is already well into the head-scratching zone about the cost of this hobby, so saving $1500 or so would certainly be a plus.

Thanks for any input,

Patrick Spencer

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