Re: Keypad Software Status?


This question about "when is V5.X keypad firmware coming out" has been asked numerous times on a weekly basis. And often AP has stated that the release is not ready yet because the beta testers have not had many clear nights especially this winter to continue testing the new software. And I believe the V5.X manual is being worked on carefully to make sure no mistakes are included, then a revision has to be made. Plus COVID-19 caused the manufacturing of refractors & mounts as well as the assembly, testing, & shipping of completed items & projects to be delayed significantly, unfortunately & I am sure the folks at AP are working hard on everything <including the new keypad firmware release>. 
Yes it's inconvenient waiting a long time for something highly anticipated but what's important is the final product is released when all the program testing is finished & no "bugs" make their presence known while the user is going thru the different keypad menus/routines. They've asked that people be patient & I'm sure an announcement will be made when the new keypad software is about to be released. 


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