Re: How to Take Best Advantage of Partial APPM Model Runs #APCC

Greg Vaughn

Hi Brian,


Thanks for making me double check APPM settings.   I have selected ‘Binning = 2’ under the APPM ‘Camera Settings’ tab and I know that in the settings summary page you get when you hit run that my image scale is double the value I record in the ‘Plate Solve Settings’ tab of APPM which asks for the unbinned image scale for X and Y.   So, I think these settings in APPM mean that APCC has registered them.  


I just now see the opportunity to select Full Frame or ½ by ½ or ¼ by ¼ in the ‘Subframe’ drop-down menu in the ‘Camera Settings’ tab.   I have always left in ‘Full Frame’ in the past.   Now that I’m aware of the choice there and If I continue to have issues, I will certainly try that – thanks!






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