Re: Pay Attention to Those Declination Top Plate Locking Knobs


On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 02:40 PM, Joe Zeglinski wrote:
Hi Mike,
   Nice job on your pencilled setting circles.  I was thinking the same thing about perhaps AP providing “stick-on-tape” setting circles as visual aids for their mounts, as an option. That would save production work and materials & stocking for the old fashioned types. However, I suppose the pencil (or inked) marked ones can easily wash off or smudge, after all that hard work.
    Easy to make permanent ones – just measure and test print such setting angle strips  first, on paper. Later , when they seem to be correct with their ends taped/joined, plastic ones could then be printed with a laser printer,  onto “overhead projection cell” material, as a clear acetate glue-on. You might have to print on the sheet’s diagonal, depending on axle cap diameter, to fit – or even as two pieces, 180 degree strips. I would first “reverse” the printing image, so that once it is printed (mirror imaged) and flipped over, the lettering would be on the back side of the strip, protected from dew etc.
    Might even glue the printed strips onto “Glow in the dark”  tape, before applying that tape to the axle. That way, it will be easier to read the angles with the glow backlighting effect,  even without a permanent battery operated LED indicator bulb. But don’t forget to account for the tape’s thickness, adding to the diameter, when measuring the printed setting circle  strips.
Joe Z.
I used that exact technique to make various labels and scales for equipment I made or used at work. Thought I was the only one. :)  Solve the various angles and lengths of the label with a CAD program and many tests, since most printers aren't as accurate as I expected.  Mirror them in the program, laser print on overhead projector acetate sheets (wonder if they're still around), cut out, flip and attach using double-sided tape with the toner safely underneath.  Worked great.


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