How to Take Best Advantage of Partial APPM Model Runs #APCC

Greg Vaughn

I think this question is for Ray Gralak;

I've gotten very comfortable with APPM and use it every time I set up for imaging.  I only have a partial view of the sky and I set up runs of between 49 and 87 points.  I use SGP with ASTAP selected and I haven't had an issue in recent memory with my primary imaging set up on the Mach 2.

Last night, I was testing a new imaging train on a little bit larger scope.   Instead of the QHY full frame CMOS, I was using the newer ZWO ASI 6200 Mono.  I adjusted the image scale and ran the model builder in APPM.  In this case it was the 49 point model and when it got to #41, APPM just hung showing 'imaging' in the status block on the table of points.   I could see that nothing was happening in SGP and so I 'paused' the model run.   I was looking for a selection that allowed me to just use points collected so far to build the model, but couldn't find such a selection.  

So I restarted the process.  Everything seemed to be going swimmingly until I get to point #36 and the same hang occurred.   I could see that SGP was 'downloading' interminably (don't know why) and the image was not appearing.  So it appears to be an SGP issue that impacts APPM.   (I already have the camera's USB communications slider all the way to the left, which indicates '40' and is supposed to be best at ensuring USB comms.)

My question is:  If I run into this issue again (and haven't yet found the root cause), is there a selection sequence in APPM I can use to go ahead and accept the existing model points I've accumulated so far and build a model from them without reaching the end or starting over.

-AP Mach2
-CP5 (VCP5-P-02-08)
-APCC Pro (  -  just realized I need to upgrade to and have done so
-SGP (

Thanks in advance.


Greg Vaughn
Alexandria, VA

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