Re: GTOCP4 Control Box

Don Anderson

Very nice compact setup Tom. Your box on a post design is something. I am considering for my AP 900GOTO with an TV NP127is and SXVR H694/SX FW combination. What’s the diameter of your pier? I assume you meant 3 ft for the pier concrete block diameter. Can you un bolt the pier from the foundation?

On Friday, February 26, 2021, 2:36 PM, Tom Blahovici <tom.va2fsq@...> wrote:

Here you are.  This routinely works no issues down to -20C.  Actually the only issue is my darks are at -20 and should be set to -25 on these cold days.
You can see the NUC, which is an I5, bought last year so it is pretty current.  There are also two Goldenrod heaters, two desiccant chambers a IR webcam and Thunderbolt to 10G network adapter.
In the box under the unit, there is the IOT power strip, the power supply for the setup, network hub and Anderson power pole box. There is also another GoldenRod heater.
The pier is mounted to a concrete block 3" in diameter and six feet deep.
All comes down in the summer so my wife can enjoy her garden.

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