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Roland Christen

So when I am moving the mount it will never be perfectly balanced.
No need to perfectly balance an 1100 mount.  5 lb out? Pfffft. 10 lb out, well that may require a bit of balancing.


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On Fri, Feb 26, 2021 at 08:37 AM, Roland Christen wrote:
"Why would you ever release the lever to reposition the mount in the first place? Do you have a permanent setup such as a remote observatory system? In that case I cannot ever see why the mount would be moved manually. Do you have a temporary setup which you tear down after every session? In that case why would you care about knowing absolutely where the axes are pointed, since you will be starting off fresh anyway? Just loosen the clutches and place the mount in a known park position and start the session from there."

Hi Roland.

Yes, my Mach1 is on a permanent pier in an Explora-Dome in my backyard. I have it setup so that I can image from the house and almost never have to go to the dome when imaging, However, I have a lot of other stuff one the mount like, focus controllers, dew heater controllers, USB hubs, etc. which I am always trying to refine the setup. When I am working on stuff during the day I will often reposition the scope so I can reach certain things easier. As you know with refractors, they will never be in balance unless they are in their imaging configuration with the focuser set to close to focus and the dew shield out. I don't put everything out in it's imaging configuration if I am just working on the mount or switching out other components. So when I am moving the mount it will never be perfectly balanced. I try to have a good hold on the OTA before I release the gearbox levers, but it can still move a bit. 

Roland Christen

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