Re: Recent encoder discussion on CN

Andrew J

Hi Roland.


Thanks for this explanation. However, I am now a bit confused again. This discussion would seem to recommend using the gearbox release levers when repositioning the mount. However, I took away from the below response to my question the other day related to using clutches vs the gearbox release that I should almost never use the gearbox release except for fine balancing in order to not risk damaging the worm teeth on the mount. This post now seems to indicate that if you don’t want your mount to get lost that you should use the gearbox release if your mount has encoders. So now I am confused again. Do you recommend using the gearbox release lever to reposition the mount if your mount has encoders? Maybe I am making this more complicated then it needs to be…



“Use the clutches when you want to manually move the scope around the sky (example: for visual sweeping of the Milky way). Use the clutches for placing the mount manually to one of the park positions during startup if you have moved the mount from a previous setup. use the clutches to get a rough balance in the two axes….”


“Loosen the Gearbox Release Levers only with the scope in Park3 positions. Releasing them in any other position could cause the gear teeth to rake across each other and possibly damage the worm teeth. The result will be poor guiding. Damaged teeth are expensive to fix. Use this method only for fine balance. If you don't need to do fine balance, don't release the lever.”

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