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Bill Long

Yeah the 1100 is really well designed. If a bonehead like me can use it for 5 years and not have it be smoldering pile of aluminum -- anyone can use it. 😂

Speaking of design, there is a sentiment on CN that the 1100 and 1600 had their encoder systems "retro-fitted" to them, meaning the mounts were not designed with encoders and the design was later changed to include them. I do not think that is true, rather I think they were designed with encoders in the mind, but were made in a fashion that users could buy the mount with or without them -- then add them on later if they wanted to.

I believe the latter is the truth. Can you confirm?

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There are no Delrin plugs. You can tighten to your heart's content. Use hex keys to really lock them up if you wish, but make sure that your scope doesn't run into something since the clutches won't slip.


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On an AP1100 can I tighten the clutch with hex keys or just hand tighten? Will overtightening damage Delrin plugs?


Roland Christen

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