Re: Recent encoder discussion on CN

Peter Nagy

Hi Rolando,

You said:

"If you lose the mount thru an errant recal or sync, a simple "Home" will re-establish the correct co-ordinates."

I have A-P1100GTO-AE and I was not aware of the "Home" feature. I don't have APCC but is this feature available with just A-P V2 ASCOM mount driver or using AE utility?

Another question. After unparking the mount, slew to a known star, center the star and RCAL, the AE mount will never be lost even after I unlock the clutches and manually move both axes from then on? If so, please explain how it works. What I'm seeing is that the encoder has no idea that the mount was manually moved because the encoders do not appear to follow the manual movement of the axes (clutches unlocked), correct?


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