Re: GTOCP4 Control Box

Donald Gaines

Thanks for the info Tom,
Great setup. The hub you mention, it is a USB hub, and do you know the brand and part number of the hub?

On Wednesday, February 24, 2021, Tom Blahovici <tom.va2fsq@...> wrote:
Hi Donald,
This is my setup.  Since you have a ROR setup you have a lot more space than me.
My mount is still an older AP600 but it has the latest CP4 controller. If you look at the picture of my "observatory",  you will see a little box to the left of the observatory under the wood platform.  In there is a 12V power supply, an Ethernet hub, and an IOT power bar.
The Ethernet hub connects to an I5, Intel NUC running Windows 10 Pro and is accessible via Remote Desktop. The NUC has a few USB ports and one connects to a hub mounted on the telescope itself.  The hub provides connectivity to an ASI6200mm, filter wheel, an ASI290mm off axis guider, and a Moonlight Nitecrawler focuser.
The CP4 itself uses an ethernet connection from the hub.  The NUC is very versatile and also has a Thunder bolt interface.  I use that with a Thunderbolt to 10G ethernet adapter.  Gives me 10 times the throughput of a standard gigabit Ethernet connection.  Pretty useful with the 125Mbyte images of the ASI6200.
The NUC is really good.  Will last a long time.
My observing session goes like this:  I turn on the computer and equipment remotely using my IOT phone app to let it warm up and get ready. This connection also has a couple of heaters (Golden Rod heaters to keep the "observatory" warm. These are then turned off).  I go outside, unlock the cover to my Observatory and lift off the cover.  It is made of foam and aluminum angle strips and weights 15 pounds. It is covered in Dacron, and filler (same material used for aircraft wings) and is super durable (6 years and counting with Montreal weather).  I then go inside, connect to the NUC with Windows remote desktop, Open APCC, connect to the mount, and start Voyager.
Running in 5 minutes.  Can't wait until it's housing an Ap 1100

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