Re: GTOCP4 Control Box

Yves Laroche

Hi Don,

Began with the same setup as suggested by Christopher in 2003.

Since ten years, I'm using exactly the same setup as you expect to use and it's working great.

Icron are very good products.


Le 24 févr. 2021 17 h 50, Donald Gaines <onegaines@...> a écrit :
Hi folks,
I was lucky enough to be notified recently I’m going to be the proud father of an 1100GTO mount.  I have read through the GTOCP4 Operating Instructions as I plan on how to connect the mount to a PC, CCD Camera, focuser, and other accessories.  I would like to locate the mount outside in a structure with a ROR, and connect to a PC in the house about 150  ft away. I was thinking of using the Ethernet port and I read that it can also be done with a USB and Icron 2304 USB extender.  I am curious if cameras, focuses and other accessories can be connected to the GTOCP4 and then be operated by the PC in the house?  Is there a preferred method for this kind of setup?  I would appreciate any advice you might be willing to pass along.
Don Gaines

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