Re: GTOCP4 Control Box

Jeffrey Wolff

I bought a NUC running Windows 10 Pro. It is very small and easy to park on the shelf on the pier. I connect the mount and NUC to a MikroTik router with 5 Ethernet ports and move the NUC in to the house when I am done. I use RDP with compression turned off to remotely control and monitor the mount, cameras, focuser, etc... It runs APCC, and all the astronomy imaging software. I use another computer in my warm house to control the NUC at the mount.

The guide camera, imaging camera focuser are all connected to a Pegasus Powerbox Advanced on the scope to provide USB and power. A single USB 3 cable and 12 volt power cable go down to the base of the mount and connect to the NUC and 12 volt power supply. I have a network connection from the MikroTik back to the house network.

The CP4 can be controlled using the Ethernet verses USB. It doesn't have any ability to connect to your cameras.

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