Re: GTOCP4 Control Box

Christopher Erickson

IMNSHO, set up a compact observatory PC next to the scope and then controle that PC remotely from the house.

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On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 12:50 PM Donald Gaines <onegaines@...> wrote:
Hi folks,
I was lucky enough to be notified recently I’m going to be the proud father of an 1100GTO mount.  I have read through the GTOCP4 Operating Instructions as I plan on how to connect the mount to a PC, CCD Camera, focuser, and other accessories.  I would like to locate the mount outside in a structure with a ROR, and connect to a PC in the house about 150  ft away. I was thinking of using the Ethernet port and I read that it can also be done with a USB and Icron 2304 USB extender.  I am curious if cameras, focuses and other accessories can be connected to the GTOCP4 and then be operated by the PC in the house?  Is there a preferred method for this kind of setup?  I would appreciate any advice you might be willing to pass along.
Don Gaines

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