Re: Pay Attention to Those Declination Top Plate Locking Knobs


With the 1100, if one can handle the heft, the mount can be left in the "assembled" state (sans Dec plate and saddle) which reduces the setup/teardown time a bit (and simplifies the issue due to the through-mount cables).
Note the removable Dec place comes in real handy in this situation.
I also use the 1100 in a "portable" fashion... on a Losmandy HD (old style) tripod.   The Losmandy HD Tripod adapter remains on the mount for transport, and assembly just requires inserting the three large knurled bolts.    There are other details of course like installing the Control Box.    But I will warn... lifting the whole mount is a "heft".. i think it weighs about 40lbs... which to me seems about the same as the 1200 RA axis.   (I'm not sure I would recommend this tripod... it is definitely more than good enough for visual... with imaging the verdict is still out for me... I had some guiding issues but it might be operator error.)


On Tue, Feb 23, 2021 at 9:44 PM Shailesh Trivedi <strivedi@...> wrote:
I use an A-P portable pier, and I set up and take the mount down every night, I only use the RAPAS for polar alignment,

Mike I am impressed that you can take the scope down every night and use RAPAS as the only polar alignment method. I have a TEC 180 currently on a Paramount MX and am contemplating using my AP1100 with AE. I too have a portable setup but with the Losmandy HD tripod.  I have tried 3x 20lb counter-weights (or could be 18lb, I forget), and one 10lb cw for balancing indoors,  to try the TEC on my AP1100 with a FLI 16803 + FW and MMOAG, My current AP1100 setup is a modest Tak FSQ106 with a Moravian G4 but I am still at the starting phase with getting it polar aligned using Pempro since I do not have visibility of Polaris even though I have the RAPAS.


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