Re: Pay Attention to Those Declination Top Plate Locking Knobs

Shailesh Trivedi

I use an A-P portable pier, and I set up and take the mount down every night, I only use the RAPAS for polar alignment,

Mike I am impressed that you can take the scope down every night and use RAPAS as the only polar alignment method. I have a TEC 180 currently on a Paramount MX and am contemplating using my AP1100 with AE. I too have a portable setup but with the Losmandy HD tripod.  I have tried 3x 20lb counter-weights (or could be 18lb, I forget), and one 10lb cw for balancing indoors,  to try the TEC on my AP1100 with a FLI 16803 + FW and MMOAG, My current AP1100 setup is a modest Tak FSQ106 with a Moravian G4 but I am still at the starting phase with getting it polar aligned using Pempro since I do not have visibility of Polaris even though I have the RAPAS.


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