APCC pointing model effects on DEC tracking

david w pearson

Notice something new with my autoguiding, Maxim DL,APCC pointing model setup upon initial guiding during startup.   thereafter it doesn't happen.
The DEC axis tracking error grows up to about 2-3 arc-sec tracking error before converging back to normal at 0.1 to 0.3 arcsec in about 60 seconds.
During this time, i use an aggressiveness of 10 In maxim DL.      Does the APCC pointing model tracking algorithm try to compensation for DEC tracking 
errors, using the pointing model, that would account for the 60 sec tracking error convergence?      Also i have noticed that my pointing point model probably needs to be redone as
 my pointing errors seem to be worse than right after model build.     My first impression is my polar alignment may be further off than the pointing model is assuming?
Any insight that would direct me toward the solution would be appreciated.

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