Re: Pay Attention to Those Declination Top Plate Locking Knobs




Remember that there are also Safety Screws for each axis.






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Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 10:59 AM
Subject: [ap-gto] Pay Attention to Those Declination Top Plate Locking Knobs


Here's a little lesson learned tidbit that I just discovered on my 1100 mount:

I have been noticing lately when setting up the mount with my 180 EDT that there is some play in the dec. axis. I thought that maybe the clutches were not tight enough, but when I checked them they were all tight. Today I was setting up the mount inside the house to do some rebalancing, and when I was attaching the declination axis I noticed a significant movement when I was holding the axis by the mounting plate. When I looked closer it turns out that it was actually the declination top plate that was moving, and when I checked the locking knobs they were loose.

I never touch these knobs, but over the months they must have worked their way loose. So the lesson I took away from this is to check those locking knobs every time I set up the mount.

Check those hand-drawn declination setting circles out in the photo. It sure would be nice to have something more permanent (hint - hint). I made these with a pencil. 


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