Re: AP1100 clockwise question

Shailesh Trivedi

Thank you, Jimmy and Jeff B. I was able to use JImmy's tape trick to determine the direction of rotation. For those who have AP1100, the right AZ knob turns the mount clockwise while looking from above (PEMPRO calls it moving east) and the left knob turns the mount counter-clockwise (PEMPro west). This took me about 2.5 hrs last night, I am sure as I gain more experience I can do it faster, but then may not have to redo it (hopefully).

I was able to use PEMpro to polar align to sub arc minute level for AZ and ALT. Not sure if this is sufficient to do unguided imaging with absolute encoders, but I did get a 237 point APPM model done last night. I have not redone Tpoint yet. 

One final question: what happens if I change the clutch settings? Do I redo APPM? I am assuming it does not alter polar alignment though.


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