Re: AP1100 clockwise question

Jeff B

I use T point as well to do my polar alignments and it works well for me.  When it tells me to go a certain direction in azimuth, I first adjust the mounts, azimuth knobs so that both just barely contact the stud/peg on my 900 and 1200 mounts.  I too can get a bit confused so I back off each of the knobs by the amount to give me the shift recommended by T point, then rotate the mount by hand clockwise or counterclockwise, until it contacts the peg.  I then turn the other knob until it contacts the peg.

I typically do 7 to eights widely spaced stars on each side of the mount the old fashioned way with a X-hair eyepiece.  A bit slow but very accurate.


On Sun, Feb 21, 2021 at 11:06 AM Shailesh Trivedi <strivedi@...> wrote:
One of the methods to polar align a mount I have been using is to run a Tpoint model using The SkyX. For my AP1100 GTO. I have dialed down the elevation or Alt but not AZ yet. Tpoint's polar align hint asks to rotate the mount clockwise as seen from above. The question is whether to use the right azimuth knob or not. Intuitively, rotating the right AZ knob will push on an internal mechanism to turn the mount left, which is clockwise looking from above. 
Is this accurate?


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