Re: Pre-owned 900GTO Questions


Hi, thought I’d offer my insight being I have a 2010 ap900 mount on an AP portable pier. I’m switching from my portable pier to a permanently mounted pier and all I need was the flat surface adapter (119FSA) whic I got a couple of weeks ago. Obviously your needs will vary depending on what equipment you have etc, but I think most of what you need you can still get from AP. Here is a link to their site where I searched (900 pier+adapter), it brought up all sorts of stuff, but I think you should still be able to get what you need. Good Luck!

On Feb 20, 2021, at 9:00 AM, chris.white@... wrote:

Thats interesting.  I did not realize this. I emailed Dave to see what it would take.  Thanks for the information. 

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