How to forbid anything one side of the meridian #APCC #ASCOM_V2_Driver

Frederic Jabet

Hello all, 

i have this fantastic new telescope, a Skyvision Cassegrain Newton 300, mounted on my faithful AP900 with CP4.
My gear is located on a terrace that is long but not very large, only 1,20m between the wall and the guard. Basically I can point anything east, but pointing south west, although possible, requires some care as the telescope could hit the wall, or the payload on the cassegrain focuser the guard.

So basically I want the telescope to stay on the west side of the pier and NOT flip.

I'm operating in auto observation with Prism, and it has some features to limit pointing and slewing, but I'd prefer to use AP features as well. I do have APCC std version.
Inside APCC, I did find features to limit the tracking, it is working fine. 
But the slewing is another story : each time I order a slew to the west side of the meridian, the mount starts a flip till the end.
So I'm wondering : is it really possible to limit the action to one side of the meridian no matter what (ASCOM slewing) using APCC ?

Thanks in advance, 


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