Re: Pre-owned 900GTO Questions

W Hilmo

Since it already has the CP4, I might hold off on the keypad battery.


The CP4 is going to be getting an upgrade at some point (hopefully soon), where it gets new features originally developed for the Mach2.  If your existing keypad is past a certain version (I don’t remember which, but someone here does), then you can do a firmware update to it.  The update will repurpose a couple of the buttons, and they will no longer match the labels on the existing keys.  Astro-Physics will be offering an update service to replace the labels on the keypad, but you will need to send it back to them for that.


My keypad is vintage 2012, and I have never replaced the battery, so I am sure that it’s nearly ready to give up.  My plan is to hold off on doing anything to it until I can send it back to Astro-Physics to update it to the latest keypad, with the correct labels.  I’ll have them replace the battery at the same time.




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Do the grease job, then run PemPro. It needs to be done after greasing the gear boxes. Call Astro-Physics and buy the grease kit from them. It comes with instructions and two kinds of grease. You might want to order the battery replacement from Astro-Physics at the same time you buy the grease. 

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