Re: Pre-owned 900GTO Questions

Chris White

Woke up to some nice replies:

@Bill- Very helpful as always.  I did find that there is a replacement for the knobs where you can use a grub screw with allen key head (or insect key as my swedish friend calls it).  It seems this is more for a cleaner setup for better cable management... and I'm sure the little teflon washers or inserts or whatever they are are replaceable.  I'll follow-up on the grease kit as well.  I'm not sure exactly with how much use the mount has seen... but being from the northeast, I can only imagine that it is not worked hard like something at a DSW install might be.  But I certainly will look at getting the grease kit if I end up with this mount. 

@Jeff-  good call on confirming and modifying the PemPro curve if needed!  I do have PemPro, so not a big deal for me to do this.   If I do a greasing service I assume this would be required anyway.  I think another thing I will look into is biting the bullet and buying APCC so I can do some modeling.  Bill... have your cell phone turned on when I attempt this!  :-)

@Dean- Thanks for another nod to the HD.  I see that AP sells it with the adapter already.  It's pricey, but would be worth it.  I'd probably spend a couple hundred just to get the tripier to work and if I wasnt satisfied I would be pretty stuck with the adapter as I doubt many people are too interested in using a tripier with a 900.  If I get the mount, I'll probably place an order immediately for the tripod. 

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