Re: Pre-owned 900GTO Questions

Bill Long

Once you get it, call AP and give them your serial number and order the AP Grease Kit. Its Roland's special mount magic. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way! The kit comes with greasing instructions, you will grease the wheel, the worm gear, and the reduction gears.

I know nothing about bent knobs, but there is a kit you can install that AP sells to upgrade the originals, IIRC. When you call, talk to George he is the master jedi.

If it has a CP4 you are in good company, just make sure to upgrade the firmware to the latest version from the AP site. It is easy (and you can give me a jingle if you need a hand). 

The iOptron Tri Pier is a bad knock off version of the incredible Eagle made by AP. At any rate, it is not really a suitable tripod for the AP900 (or the 1100). You would need to have a custom plate made, as AP would not sell one (as its not a good pier solution for the 900/1100). 

With that said, yes - sell the Tri Pier and either get the portable pier from AP or get the Losmandy HD Folding Tripod from AP and it will drop ship to you with everything you need to hook it up. I use that tripod with my 1100 and so does Tyrel. Its a great one. built like a tank.


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Hello Everyone,

I'm looking to purchase a 900GTO that was built in 2009.  If I purchase it, I'm wondering if there is anything I should do maintenance-wise, such as grease the bearings or anything else?

I've also read that one needs to be careful with the clutch knobs as the little washers can get bent.  Is there anything else I should be aware of when operating this mount?

It has the CP4 which is good...   I'm an imager and really looking forward to this mount!  I will be using a GTX130 and an EDGE 925. 

Another thing I am wondering, is if anyone knows if there is an adapter to mount this on an iOptron Tri-Pier?  Don't laugh too hard... it's what I have right now.  (Upgrading from a CEM60).  I'm also considering getting a pier and bolting it to the floor of my raised observatory... but that would be a warm weather project.   So hoping to use the tripier for now.  iOptron makes an adapter to mount the Mach 1, but I think the base is bigger on the 900.  If so, is there anything I could get to adapt between the Mach1 mount and the 900?

Or should I just sell the tripier and get something else? 

Thanks in advance!

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